Power symbol did not change net name

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Power symbol did not change net name

#1 Post by eric_engineer » 30 Nov 2022, 11:59

I'm new to diptrace (coming from Orcad) and just giving it a try. I tried to connect a VCC symbol to a part I made. I expected the net to then be named VCC but instead it stayed as NET 1. Did I missing something? A similar thing happened with GND. They symbols do connect to each other across the schematic but the net name is still Generic.

I also did not see a tool to name nets other than selecting properties.

Thank you.

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Re: Power symbol did not change net name

#2 Post by Tomg » 30 Nov 2022, 13:24

Here's one way to change a net name...
1) Right-click on the desired net to bring up the context menu.
2) In the context menu left-click on the net name being displayed at the top to bring up the Net Name dialog window.
3) In the Net Name dialog window enter a new net name and click on OK.
p.s. You can also click on the Nets icon in the Design Manager on the right side of screen to see a list of all existing nets. Right-clicking on any of one of the displayed net names will allow you to affect a name change in a similar fashion.
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