Net Classes

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Net Classes

#1 Post by OldNortonBoy » 04 Apr 2021, 03:51

Hi All
How do I go about saving Net Classes In Schematic? I notice there is a 'Save Rules' in PCB but not in Schematic.


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Re: Net Classes

#2 Post by KevinA » 04 Apr 2021, 11:15

From what I remember, schematic 'rules/classes' were the Net Class setting and Electrical rules, they appear to 'save' with the schematic and are loaded into PCB if you choose to use them. The net classes are limited to what they can do in schematic, other then assigning net, trace width and layer kind of useless :) The Save Rules is the verification rules in PCB.
In Schematic Help: Net classes can be loaded from the PCB Layout, select "Objects \ Load Classes"
So, I create a schematic with no classes, create a PCB from that schematic, setup net classes and save the pcb, now I can use Load net classes to update the schematic?

na, sounds like one of the schematic processes should be net class setup before heading off to build the PCB.

I work mostly in mm, a layout I did required many 2.54 connectors so I used mil units, in testing this out when I created a PCB with mm as Units some how the 3V trace width ended up at 3.86mm instead of .65 ... case against creating net classes in schematic or in using mixed units.

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Re: Net Classes

#3 Post by Tomg » 04 Apr 2021, 15:07

Just for fun, once you have saved your PCB with all of those new net classes you worked so hard to develop go back to the Schematic Editor and in the main menu choose Objects > Net Classes... to view the schematic's settings. There's a good chance those settings will be different from the PCB's so take a good look in an attempt to commit some of it to memory. Close the dialog window, go to the main menu again and run the Back Annotate tool (choose File > Back Annotate... and select the PCB file). Now view the schematic's net class settings one more time (main menu > Objects > Net Classes...) to see if there are any changes. If you like what you see, resave the schematic.

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