What am i doing wrong?

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What am i doing wrong?

#1 Post by fdaniels » 18 Feb 2021, 05:30

I tried to understand what i am doing wrong here for at least 3 hrs....

ERC shows an error i cant spot :
What am i doing wrong..JPG
Net Port 41 is the selected GND at the Diode D1.

If i remove the whole negative Voltage Reference circuit the ERC error persists, just shows another NetPort, if I remove that one it shows another.... could it be problem with the MCP6004 component definition?

Any help is highly appreciated!
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Re: What am i doing wrong?

#2 Post by Tomg » 19 Feb 2021, 08:49

1) Right-click on any intentionally unconnected pin and select "Not Connected" in the context menu. This should cause an "X" to be displayed at the end of the pin and make the ERC happy with it.
2) Connecting a "Power" pin to "GND" will always be flagged as a "Short circuit" by the ERC unless you either change the definition of the "Power" pin to something like "Passive" (right-click on the pin, select "Pin Properties...", change the "Electric:" drop-down list selection to "Passive"); or make a change in the Electrical Rule Setup (main menu > Verification > Electrical Rule Setup...) by disabling the [ ]Short Circuit option, which will require you to have complete confidence in your design. You could also simply ignore the "Short circuit" errors if, again, you have complete confidence in your design.

As for any other ERC errors, you would have to post your schematic file here for others to examine.

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