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O n e l a y e r . . .

#1 Post by Tonio » 17 Jan 2021, 18:35

Hello all, need help for making ONE layer PCB; looked in the tutorial and internet but I can't see the way to disable/delete the bottom layer; I can dough create a new one and delete it... help, help, help! All answers are welcome! I use the "free" version, probably is that the problem....

This text is found in the manual: "If you want to add, edit, create or delete a layer, go to "Route / Layer Setup" or press button on the Layers tab on the Design Manager. In the Signal / Plane tab of the pop-up dialog box, you can specify the name, type, color etc. of each signal or plane layer. Notice that you can't
change some parameters for certain layers."

Thanks in advance!


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Re: O n e l a y e r . . .

#2 Post by Alex » 18 Jan 2021, 10:15

DipTrace design has two layers minimum. You can't delete the bottom layer. But you can avoid using the layer.

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