Tutorial does not match software

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Tutorial does not match software

#1 Post by allenpitts » 29 Oct 2020, 14:21

Hello Dip Trace,

Following Dip Trace tutorial 'Creating a Simple Schematic'.
At section '1.2 Configuring libraries': 'User Components'
is selected. Then 'Library Tools'.
Then 'Add Library to "User Components"'. Then 'Components'
is chosen from the 'Add from Group' list. The tutorial
then says choose 'General (non-IPC), Object Symbols, and
Transistor NPN' Libraries.

But none of these libraries exist. The list begins with
'Discrete, Discrete SMD, Symbols' and goes to 'Xilinx,
Zetex, and Zilog. None of the libraries listed in
the tutorial exist.

How can the tutorial be followed if it does not match
the software?


Allen Pitts, Dallas Texas

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Re: Tutorial does not match software

#2 Post by Tomg » 29 Oct 2020, 17:18

Which version are you using? I was able to find them in version 4...
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Re: Tutorial does not match software

#3 Post by jimsellon » 22 Dec 2020, 19:26

I'm new at this, but it sounds like you're using DIPTrace version 3.x. I just downloaded and started using version 4.x and the choices from the tutorial that you mentioned do exist.

Edit: a few days later and I see the differences too.

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