Line weights and colors

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Line weights and colors

#1 Post by mpaalanen » 24 Oct 2020, 02:36

Has the DipTrace team considered a couple of enhancements that would in my opinion improve the legibility of circuit diagrams, especially more complex ones:
1) adding a fill color to component symbols similar to other common ECADs? Benefit: This would immediately highlight the individual components.
2) variable line weight for the connection lines. Benefit: This feature would be useful in immediately emphasizing certain circuits such as high current buses or important signal circuits etc.

Great circuit diagrams seem to use such aids and others, to enhance understanding. Old Tektronix comes to mind.
Please consider it.

P.S. Another item into the wishing well: When a circuit line is hidden, the line is replaced with an arrow + the signal name. The user is then on his/her own to find the corresponding signal somewhere in the schematic sheets. This is of course possible but can be a real pain. Several electrical CADs use grid designators as coordinates to locate the opposing end of the wire. In fact, even DipTrace has the grid coordinates shown on the sheet margins but does not use them for anything. So how about it if the coordinates could be optionally shown next to the arrow marker?

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Re: Line weights and colors

#2 Post by Serg » 26 Oct 2020, 09:09

"fill color to component" is in to do list.
We will consider the rest. Thank you for offering.

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