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Link to another Sheet

#1 Post by johannesomni » 29 May 2020, 15:29

I'm wondering if it's possible to insert links in a schematic, where if the user clicks, it will open to another sheet. For example. I have a netport that connects to another sheet, and if the user clicks on it, I can have it open to the other sheet that netport exists in. Thanks for your help.

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Re: Link to another Sheet

#2 Post by Alex » 19 Nov 2020, 03:45

There is no way to insert links to another sheet in DipTrace Schematic.

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Re: Link to another Sheet

#3 Post by SoundMod » 30 Nov 2020, 12:36

That will be a great feature for big schematic, also adding an automatic crossreference generator with a "Page[Zone]" (ex.: P2[B3]) on ports, free hanging net connector will be good.

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