How to prevent global nets in hierarchy?

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How to prevent global nets in hierarchy?

#1 Post by ElektroLuke » 05 May 2020, 02:41


When I combined 2 schematics, tested as separate boards A and B, into 1, I made B hierarchical (because that one is a sub circuit used multiple times).

Upon routing the board, I found air wires connecting things that really should not be connected. These were global nets, connecting parts of schematic A with B, not because that was functionally necessary, but because those nets had the same name and where made global upon import. (In fact, upon routing, it fortunately was very obvious those things should not be connected)

How to prevent this?

My method so far is making a new schematic, then copy-pasting A in, making a new sheet, copy B in, make sheet B hierarchical. It did show a warning about global nets but it was not clear to me what the alternative was.

Can a guideline for this be found somewhere?

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Re: How to prevent global nets in hierarchy?

#2 Post by Alex » 23 Nov 2020, 04:22

Nets become global once connected to netports. So you can avoid netports to keep nets local within hierachical sheets. Use connections by wires, without wires, by net name instead net ports.

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