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Pattern library

#1 Post by allenpitts » 08 Apr 2020, 11:35

Hello DipTrace Forum,

Cannot find the component needed, a PIR sensor
similar to hc-sr501 or RE200B. So working on building
a pattern and component.

In the excellent tutorial DipTrace Training Course
at 'On your left-hand any standard library...'
But, I guess because it has not been used before, when
go to Library > Open > My Libraries it is empty.
So go to Library > Import > DipTrace ASCII.
This begins an 'Open' dialogue box. But there is
nothing to open. So I am stuck.

How to open or Import a pattern Library?


Allen in Dallas

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Re: Pattern library

#2 Post by allenpitts » 08 Apr 2020, 15:33

Hello Dip Trace Forum,

Well it has taken me all day but I think I have created a PIR component.
I believe the method is
1. Create Pattern library
2. Create Pattern
3. Create Component library
4. Create Component
5. Attach Pattern to Component
6. Place Component in schematic.

Would still like to know answer to first question
but the first question could be skipped if an answer
is only given to this question:

The Component is placed in the schematic but
the pins don't operate the way the Components
added from the standard library work.
That is, when the select arrow is chosen and
dragged to another Component a trace is not
created. Must have left something out
when creating the Component.

How to make the created Component
pins work in creating a trace like the
exiting Components work?


Allen in Dallas

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Re: Pattern library

#3 Post by Moris » 10 Apr 2020, 10:15

Hi Allen,
to import you can search for patterns and symbols on sites like SnapEDA and SamacSys.
You may post your symbol library so we can look at it.

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Re: Pattern library

#4 Post by KevinA » 12 Apr 2020, 10:31

Version 3 and 4 have Help/DipTrace Tutorial
In the Launcher the bottom item is Get Started with Video Guide link to
Learning how to create libraries is a fundamental and should be the first thing you learn, the methodology behind a library structure for manageability is a very important part of this EDA tool. I have learned overtime that project libraries with the components/patterns for the project should be with the project for archival/maintainability, parts that are used in general are in a main users libraries, DipTrace makes moving one or many components quick and simple once you learn the basics of library creation. Building Patterns is the next step and adding 3D images to the pattern takes time. Some devices come with data sheets that take time to figure out the intent of the manufacture, I sometimes think it is a game to see how confusing they can make creating a pattern from their drawing. Components are easy since they logically represent a part, the hard part is pin manager, DipTrace needs an importer to import pin definitions, small devices, no issue, 466 pin BGA, problem.
Importing from Digikey Ultra Librarian/Mouser SamacSys/KiCAD KiCAD/STMicrosystems and TI Ultra Librarian has issues, always check what you get!

FYI: The 'DipTrace' Libraries are stuck (Read Only, Fixed Location in code) in C:\Program Files\DipTrace\Lib (1GB V3) and while you can move them to another location with a different library name and flag them as readable, when you update DipTrace they will be back. Use the DipTrace libraries as templates, copy the pattern/component to User libraries to modify them for your projects and ALWAYS make sure you can purchase the part before wasting your time designing it into a project!

Have fun!

Update: While looking for a VFQN package (LSF0108) I came across: The TPS63070 was there! a part I spent awhile building...

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