Schematic Component PIR Sensor

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Schematic Component PIR Sensor

#1 Post by allenpitts » 08 Apr 2020, 10:37

Hello Dip Trace Forum,

Have done a dozen or so PCB layouts from
my own schematics. This is my first schematic.
Have had good luck so far using the excellent
'Creating a simple schematic' but have found
a bump in the road.

Need to put a PIR sensor (motion detector)
in the schematic. Have scoured the tutorial
and the Forum. Found
But have not found a component or symbol for a sensor like
pir sensor hc-sr501 or RE200B.

Or perhaps there is not one and so the ask becomes
'How to create a component?'

Is there a PIR sensor component in the library?
If not is there a tutorial on how to create one?


Allen in Dallas

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Re: Schematic Component PIR Sensor

#2 Post by Alex » 25 Nov 2020, 03:33

There is "Sensors (non-IPC)" library in version 4. There are many sensors there. PIR sensors may be there but neither hc-sr501 nor RE200B are not available in the library.
You can create your own library. Please open "Help -> DipTrace Tutorial" to read how to create custom libraries.

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