Inverting parts symbols

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Re: Inverting parts symbols

#11 Post by Tomg » 27 Jan 2020, 17:41

...You didn't tell me if it's possible to increase the distance between transistors pads..
It's possible by ungrouping the component, moving the pads and then regrouping the component. After regrouping...
1) Make sure the reference designator is the same as the original.
2) If you are driving your design with a schematic, lock the modified part so it doesn't return to its stock configuration when running the Renew Layout from Schematic tool.

I mostly prefer using my own patterns. Here's a comparison between the stock TO-92 pattern (left) and a custom TO-92 pattern (right)…
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Re: Inverting parts symbols

#12 Post by carlmart » 28 Jan 2020, 13:38

Very nice. I think I will have to design my own patterns too.

What I did for was pick another transistor pattern, a TO-126, and used that on the pcb.

Do you have some patterns you can upload here?

Now what about heatsinks? Is there a HS patterns library, perhaps by Aavid or someone, that you can use, instead of designing my own?

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