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nets inadvertantly connected

Posted: 08 Jan 2019, 23:16
by Pars
Somewhat new to this forum and to Diptrace.
I was working on a project (one which I had already had some boards run from), and noticed some connections to GND (AGND) which were mistaken on the PCB. Going back to the schematic, somehow V- and AGND were connected (all called AGND). This did not affect the boards I had already run (fortunately). I had gone in to make some alterations to both the board and the schematic. Any thoughts as to how this might have happened so I can avoid it in the future?

Also, fixing this was somewhat non-intuitive (I'm more used to Eagle). There was no V- net once I saw this, so I deleted all of the traces in the schematic which would have been V- and created a V- net, then re-routed all traces. I would think there would be an easier way to do this?

Thanks for any thoughts!

Re: nets inadvertantly connected

Posted: 09 Jan 2019, 10:00
by Tomg
See this thread for more information on some surprise net-merging fun with DipTrace - viewtopic.php?f=2&t=11439&p=21861

Re: nets inadvertantly connected

Posted: 09 Jan 2019, 10:43
by Alex
Please open net properties and turn off "Connect Nets by Name" option if it was enabled. Close net properties, hover mouse pointer on any wire of joined net. It may be disconnected to two nets.

Re: nets inadvertantly connected

Posted: 10 Jan 2019, 20:06
by Pars
Thanks for the suggestions and tips!