Advice for graphics card settings

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Advice for graphics card settings

#1 Post by atomitech » 26 May 2020, 04:47

With all the amazing new graphics in version 4, is there any advice for setting up rendering, 3D, and all the many other settings in Windows or the graphics card (example: NVidia control panel) to boost performance / etc.. ?

Also related to that, does Diptrace 4 make use of multi-cores, and are there any cpu settings that might be considered for performance benefit ?

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Re: Advice for graphics card settings

#2 Post by Alex » 23 Nov 2020, 04:00

Use either OpenGL or Direct3D for better performance. We keep WindowsGDI mode for compatibility only.
We can't suggest graphics card but there is no reason to spend money on professional card. Good "gaming" card is enough.
DipTrace uses multi-cores where possible. Some functions can be divided to threads and the software will use all cores. Other functions use single core.

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