finding components / schematic <-> pcb coupling

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finding components / schematic <-> pcb coupling

#1 Post by ElektroLuke » 20 Aug 2019, 03:01

Is there a good way in Diptrace to find schematic components in the PCB layout?

I'm a bit used to how KiCad allows one to click on a schematic component and with that highlight the same component on the PCB, and vice versa. That is very useful during component placement (And later when wanting to know where a component from the PCB is on the schematic, e.g. for troubleshooting/measurements/repairs)

Is there a way to do this (or similar) in Diptrace?

Or is there a way to select multiple components in the list on the right? Just as it is possible to select multiple in PCB layout by ctrl-click-ing? Preferably even with a search (So for example, to select all components ending in _1, to quickly select all parts belonging to one instance of a hierarchical design)?

When it is 10-ish components this is not that inconvenient but with 400+ it would be really nice to have a good, quick way to find them, so component placing is more "pcb design" and less "where is waldo?".

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Re: finding components / schematic <-> pcb coupling

#2 Post by Tomg » 20 Aug 2019, 07:26

DipTrace does not have a schematic to PCB "cross-probe" feature. As far as searching goes, I suppose you could try Edit > Find Object...

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Re: finding components / schematic <-> pcb coupling

#3 Post by ElektroLuke » 21 Aug 2019, 03:19

For hierarchical design I have found route/Hierarchy can also be used to select one block of the hierarchy before routing, which is very useful. (KiCAD afaik does not even have that ;))

But cross-probing would be nice. Or maybe there is some other quick/easy way to group and grab parts that belong to a subcircuit that I haven't found yet.

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Re: finding components / schematic <-> pcb coupling

#4 Post by PCB » 02 Apr 2020, 08:57

I totally agree with ElectroLuke.
I have created a new post related to libraries searching and filtering specific component. I hope it will appear for discussion. When you create schematic and looking for specific components the name of manufacturer might no be important. All you need is to find a proper components, in my case it was 555 timer. Existing libraries do no not have an IC group, similar to Discrete and other groups. Therefore, I was forced to check each and every manufacturer, and finally found 555 IC in Texas instruments. This is a cumbersome procedure. Not to compare more advanced DipTrace with KiCad, please take a look how it's done in KiCad. In my opinion, and from experience with other software, this issue is important and need consideration.

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Re: finding components / schematic <-> pcb coupling

#5 Post by KevinA » 03 Apr 2020, 00:02

@ElektroLuke You can use Design Manager to find any component in the schematic or on the PCB, once you click on the component it is high lighted, then you have access to each pin, click on a pin it high lights the net, for trouble shooting it doesn't get much better.
To all that feel KiCAD is the answer, lots of luck. I've used it for a few hours on every release and have yet to produce art work that can be used to create a PCB. With DipTrace in 30 minutes I'm looking at the Gerber plots then zipping everything for the PCB house. With KiCAD after several crashes I just stop tormenting myself and quit, the latest release with Digikey libraries added is instant death. This is on Ubuntu 18.04.4 and Windows 10 Build 19592. If KiCAD works for you, good for you but please let DipTace be DipTace.

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Re: finding components / schematic <-> pcb coupling

#6 Post by fi2eewill » 03 Apr 2020, 02:46

@ ElektroLuke cross-probing would be nice feature to have - though i find it more useful for placing components
regardless if you are cross-probing - this means you are looking at the schematic
in PCB, Find Object is your best friend. sure it's a bit limited but works well

note you can always group component that belong to single function block

I always do this for PCB floor planing so I can move individual blocks freely for rough placement
eventually i would have to ungroup to fine-tune placement and regroup once i'm happy with it

In terms of productivity and easy of use I agree with Kevin no package come near DipTrace.
Yes, no tool is perfect but simplicity is the winner for me :)

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