Did PCBway(China) prices jump recently?

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Did PCBway(China) prices jump recently?

#1 Post by fbauer » 21 Mar 2019, 14:02

I was getting ready to re-submit a 4 layer (66mm x 66mm) PCB for manufacturing to PCBway(China) and was shocked to see that the price jumped from approx. $10 per board to over $33.

I just had them (PCBway) make these 5 boards in February for a total of $55 (including shipping), now the total is $167 (plus shipping) for 5 boards. I received the original boards and they looked good.

The only change between the original PCBs and the current submission is that I increased the size of the holes for an LED. The manufacturing options stayed the same (as far as I can tell).

The manufacturing price from Bay Area Circuits(USA) is $35 each for 5 boards, this appears to be their normal price I would expect, PCBway was 3x cheaper before.

I'm currently running Diptrace, my previous PCB order was done using Diptrace

What changed the price?

Current Screenshot: (I removed my order details/shipping info, privacy you know)
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Re: Did PCBway(China) prices jump recently?

#2 Post by Alex » 22 Mar 2019, 10:21

Thank you for the report. There is the problem with prices from PCBway, we are searching for a reason and we temporary disabled PCBway from Order PCB form. Once we fix the problem we will turn it on.

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