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SamacSys import always create new library

Posted: 04 Mar 2017, 02:29
by tyro
Hi there,
Pattern Editor always create a New Library when import from SamacSys.
I downloaded pattern design file and I'd like to add to pattern list on existing Library.
Pattern Editor opens 'Library Details' dialog after I selected PADS ASCII(*.d) file from file selection dialog.
But I need a new pattern only. This behavior may create 'PADS Library' or overwrite an existing library.
Is this my misunderstanding or not?
Sorry I still don't get the point of library management :?

Re: SamacSys import always create new library

Posted: 04 Mar 2017, 07:05
by Tomg
Import the new, temporary, library
1) In the Pattern Editor select the User Patterns group.
2) Click on Library In the Main Menu, choose Import in the drop-down menu and select the appropriate file format in the fly-out menu.
3) In the Open dialog window navigate to and select/highlight the file to be imported, then click on the [Open] button.
4) In the Library Details dialog window type "temporary" in the Name: box, select/highlight the User Patterns group and click on the [OK] button.
5) Save the new pattern library file (Ctrl + S) to a convenient location such as the desktop with the filename "temporary".

Insert the new pattern(s) into another library
1) Choose the destination library by selecting/highlighting the desired User Patterns library.
2) Click on the Pattern Tools box and select Insert Patterns from Another Library... in the fly-out menu.
3) In the Insert Patterns dialog window, select/highlight the newly-added pattern library named "temporary", select/highlight the desired pattern(s) and click on the [Insert] button. This will add the new pattern(s) to the top of the destination library's patterns list.
4) Resave the destination library (Ctrl + S).

Remove the temporary pattern library
1) Clean up the User Patterns library group listing by selecting/highlighting the library named "temporary", then right-clicking on it and selecting Remove "temporary" Library from "User Patterns" in the pop-up menu.
2) Release the Pattern Editor's hold on the temporary file located on the desktop by either closing the Pattern Editor or by temporarily selecting/highlighting a different pattern library.
3) Delete the file named "temporary.lib" located on the desktop.

Re: SamacSys import always create new library

Posted: 04 Mar 2017, 21:28
by tyro
I got it. Thanks Tomg!

Re: SamacSys import always create new library

Posted: 07 Feb 2020, 15:26
by rr1024
When I try to do this I always get "incrorrect library format!"