KiCad 3D Model files in Diptrace.

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KiCad 3D Model files in Diptrace.

#1 Post by davenz » 27 Apr 2015, 18:11

Hi guys.

Over the weekend I spent some time importing some very nice 3D models originally created for KiCad users and posted by one of the users of that software to his own download site. The files are all zipped by category and when unpacked there is a folder in each zip containing wings3D and .wrl files and it is these wrl files I extracted and copied into the Diptrace 3D models folder. The models are beautifully done and the only problem is that now there are so many more models to go through when trying to find the right models for any given part!

The files can be downloaded from:

There are many and it will take a while to trawl through them all but at least you can cherry-pick what you want, or download them all. From what I understand they are free for anyone to use but read the blurb on the guy's site for more end-user information.
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Re: KiCad 3D Model files in Diptrace.

#2 Post by salvadortorres » 19 Dec 2017, 05:17

KiCad 3D Model files details are gets from you.Thanks a lot for sharing these here.

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