3D Models for download - cool site.

Post your STEP, IGES and VRML models here
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3D Models for download - cool site.

#1 Post by davenz » 20 Apr 2015, 21:14

Hi gang, I did a quick search but couldn't find this mentioned elsewhere so sorry if I'm doubling up.

I was trying to find 3D models of vacuum tubes to use with a project, (making them is out of the question) and as there was nothing in the Diptrace default library I hit the web looking for some. I found the following site, which has thousands of user-created 3D models available for download. It requires free registration but it only took a minute or two and after confirming my 'account' (similar to joining this forum) I download some pretty good 3D tube models that imported and worked like a charm in Diptrace. I have no affiliation with this company and while this sounds like an ad, it isn't, it's just my experience with the site.

The format of the 3D models is user-selectable and that was a bit tricky to work out initially but it's easy enough to navigate around. Formats are listed by program type and while Diptrace isn't listed specifically (it asked when registering what software I use - I chose Other) it did give me the opportunity to download .wrl formatted files, which is a format Diptrace can use.

When loading it, I got a warning that Diptrace only works well with version 2 VRML files, and the tube I imported was apparently made using version 1, but it worked fine anyway - of course your mileage may vary but I thought it worth mentioning this site in case others are looking for odd-ball 3D models.

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Re: 3D Models for download - cool site.

#2 Post by Techno Tronix » 29 Jan 2016, 08:29

Great information. This is a really helpful link. I have started the small project and in that, I need this type of model.

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Re: 3D Models for download - cool site.

#3 Post by Intech » 14 Sep 2016, 21:24

This is also a great source for IGES and STEP files of components that you can directly add.


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Re: 3D Models for download - cool site.

#4 Post by JsBack » 07 Aug 2017, 09:51

Here's the number of nice 3d scans.

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