DipTrace 4.1 release

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Re: DipTrace 4.1 release

#41 Post by KevinA » 22 Mar 2021, 23:36

novarm44 wrote:
22 Mar 2021, 17:22
KevinA wrote:
22 Mar 2021, 13:51
Sever issues or just too many downloading at the same time?
Looks like temporary problem. Just tried to download and got 5.5 Mb/s which is quite good for my home connection.
It was worth the wait, I haven't had the PCB Editor/Pattern Editor view 3D freeze since I installed it.

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Re: DipTrace 4.1 release

#42 Post by tholt » 04 May 2021, 03:23

Every time I update diptrace, I spend days looking for my user libraries and trying to get them recognized by the new update. Please help.

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Re: DipTrace 4.1 release

#43 Post by timbak » Today, 06:00

Hello everyone!
As always, it's nice to see the new update ( Where can I find "whats new" list?

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