Can someone recommend a PnP machine to assemble this module

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Can someone recommend a PnP machine to assemble this module

#1 Post by Martin.Odber » 27 Feb 2021, 19:34

Hello and thank you for considering my request.

I am not familiar with pick and place technology.

The process to complete a desired unit might be as follows but I'm definitely open to suggestions;
It should also be noted to keep things in perspective an "interconnector plate" is approximately 1mm, same for a "pellet"

- conveyor belt draws a strip of rubber to a specific spot beneath the robotic arm/stamp process
- interconnector plate is placed down
- negative lead from quick connect is soldered to interconnector plate top surface
- type A material pellet is soldered to the other end of this the plate in the design
- the next interconnector plate is placed down (directionally situated as per the chosen pattern) away from the first so that a top connector plate from the former to the latter will easily rest(be affixed) on the first pellet of each next connector and the former pellet of the prior interconnector
- at this point the robotics would continue to string interconnected type B and type A pellets sequentially in a pattern determined by a changeable schematic until they reach a desired total units (not counting first nor end terminal points)
- the final interconnector plate will have a single type B material pellet ( the top of which is interconnected to the former BA interconnector unit) on the inner end and a copper positive lead soldered to the interconnector and leading away to the quick connect
- the conveyor will move the completed unit forward so that unit is free of the working area, and this process will continue until stopped or the design schematic is changed.

Essentially the hope is to be able to vary/control the layout pattern easily after each design run is complete with each initial run correctly placing the initial of a series, body of units, and a terminating unit. The initiating and terminating units having specific pellets that are opposites to each other as described.

Thanks, and yes, I'm a noob
Hopefully someone can point me in a good direction.

kind regards,

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