Diptrace - Schematic Prints Gray Text

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Diptrace - Schematic Prints Gray Text

#1 Post by kjhuebner » 18 Sep 2020, 11:46

I printed on paper my Diptrace schematic drawings (created using Diptrace 3) with my newly upgraded Diptrace version.

But all the printed text headings are barely visible in LIGHT GRAY rather than BLACK on my schematic.

Is this a bug? Moreover, how do I fix the problem?
My older Diptrace version never did this. Very annoying to spend money and have product fail on simple matters.

I tried the following without success:
In schematic mode...
I tried switching text label text to black (using right click | Text | reset color chip), but when I edit schematic in DISPLAY mode with black background, all text is black on black background, making the text invisible. So this solution will not work for me.

In Print mode...
I tried setting print preview and set to BLACK BACKGROUND, WHITE BACKGROUND, and USER DEFINED. None of these settings cause heading label text to turn black.

The only print preview solution that makes text black is the Print in Black Only -- which I do not prefer.

I hope someone out there knows the solution.

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Re: Diptrace - Schematic Prints Gray Text

#2 Post by Serg » 30 Oct 2020, 07:06

Try to print via the virtual pdf printer.
If will be the similar result send a project file to our technical support:
support at diptrace.com

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Re: Diptrace - Schematic Prints Gray Text

#3 Post by westwoodtec » 12 Dec 2020, 16:47

Has there been any progress on this quirk / bug?
I've just upgraded from version 3.3 to 4.005

I prefer to work with a black background for schematic design because it is easier on the eye. Any text I add is has a font color of white - but when printing this disappears because there is no option to override this in the "Print Colors" dialogue box.

The only two work-arounds seem to be either to print the entire drawing in black-and-white, or choose a color such as blue that be seen on screen and printout. Neither are ideal.

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