Finding substitute component in library

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Finding substitute component in library

#1 Post by Quercus47 » 14 Aug 2020, 19:57

I've searched a lot of threads and tutorials for this, but have so far not found anything helpful.

I'm working on a schematic with the intent of creating a PCB, so the patterns associated with the component matters. I buy my components from DigiKey. But so far, not a single component I've looked for, from converters, resistors, inductors, to opamps, has shown up within the DipTrace library. With millions of components in the world out there, I'm not surprised that DipTrace's library doesn't have every one, but I am surprised that of all the parts I've looked for, it hasn't had a single one.

I know how to create a component from scratch in the component editor and pattern editor, but I don't want to have to do that for every piece in my project. I'd be quite content to use a substitute symbol and pattern, but I don't know how to find one with exact hole sizing and spacing that matches my actual part.

Take, for example, a 4.7 uF through-hole ceramic capacitor from TDK. It has a lead diameter of 0.5mm and a lead spacing of 5.0mm. There is nothing particularly remarkable about this, and I'm sure there are many other parts with the exact same characteristics. But how do I find a suitable match?


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Re: Finding substitute component in library

#2 Post by Alex » 05 Nov 2020, 03:17

Parametric search is not available in DipTrace. But you can search components by name, value, pattern, etc. Please open "Objects -> Find Component", make sure search area is "All Libraries", type search query in the name field. If necessary, click on + button and add more rules. Then press "Apply Filter" button and wait result.

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