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#11 Post by ReverseEMF » 23 Jun 2019, 11:39

To add to this discussion, I both figured out how to create a Custom Title Block, only to, later find, after using my Custom Title Block on many schematics, that my Custom Title Block was GONE! POOF! VANISHED!! GRRR!!

But, all, it turns out, was not lost. I realized all I had to do was find an earlier schematic, open it, click on Files/Titles and Sheet Setup..., then look in "Sheet Template" -- miracle-of-miracles there is was, my Custom Title Block. I selected it, then changed "Apply Setting To:' to "All Sheets".

Then I went back to my new schematic, and opened Files/Titles and Sheet Setup... and SURPRISE! It was there again!!

[why did I pay for this?!?]
If left to evolution, would this PCB ever design itself, and what would the lead time be on that?

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#12 Post by Serg » 24 Jun 2019, 08:15

Thank you for report. We couldn't reproduce the problem.
Please let we know if the problem will repeat.

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