User libraries received by email (was on DipTrace web-site)

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User libraries received by email (was on DipTrace web-site)

#1 Post by novarm44 » 14 Jun 2010, 06:30

Component libraries and projects for hoobyists from Umair Ali - this library which I am attaching here with some of the symbols in this library are made by me'and otherwise I have taken from the diptrace 2.1V standard library's I have manage theese symbols in a groups series so that any one who needs any parts can search all find easily. This library install only in the diptrace 2.1v so if you have some old version you plz download diptrace new version. Any help and suggesions plz contact me. Thanks

Library from Ken Meade - includes the following components: Allegro A6841SA-T, MAX7300ANI, MAX7301ANI, MAX6952EPL, MAX6953EPL, MAX6956ANI, MAX3110E, MAX3111E, TI bq4845, PIC16F630, PIC16F676, ...

Vacuum tubes from Patrick Jankowiak - includes schematic drawings of different vacuum tubes.

Library from Ignacio Salvo - Here is a small token of support to other DipTrace fans... I've attached a library I put together with few components and patterns for the Linx Technologies RF modules and a couple of Microchip PICs.

SCR, Triac library from Fazil Demir

Parallax BasicStamp libraries