Looking for a Through Hole library ...

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Looking for a Through Hole library ...

#1 Post by Tussock » 15 Aug 2020, 18:06

Hi Dip Trace fans.
I am getting back in to basic electronics after too many years. When I try to use PCD design apps that I find get more angry with the 'patterns' than anything else. Yes the components have moved on, but I have not. SMD's etc. are not what I wish to use. I find the libraries have become breeding grounds for SMDs and the like and I spend more time trying to find a 1/4 watt axial resistor pattern than designing the circuit !

So what I am looking for is a SMD free library. I really don't care if the 741 or 555 was made by Texas Instruments, National, or Kuongshun Indusries. I wish to select the 741 and know it is a DIP 8 pin Operational Amplifier.
As for the resistor there are only three things I really care about, Ohms, Wattage and is it mounted horizontally or vertically.
The capacitor, the uF/nF/pF, working voltage, axial or radial, is it a ceramic/polyester/etc. and probably the pin space.
A crystal, the frequency and the pin space.

I know I could grind through the libraries and cull out 95% or copy/paste the 5% to a new library. However I want this to become the fun hobby it used to be and not be pushed back in to using the old vero board out of sheer frustration.

All of the online and downloaded schematic/PCB programs I have tried are catered for the commercial/industrial/professional users who need 8 layer PCBs and have more 120 pin ICs than a teenager has arduinos. They casual hobby user has been tacked on as an after thought. This is fair enough too as the programs are not made for love, but $$$. However the clutter and confusion is cutting out a potential market too.

So is there a Dip Trace library for 'caveman' users like myself ? Perhaps even a simple option to select in DIPTrace to weed out the plethora of SMDs and cacophony of manufacturers ?

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Re: Looking for a Through Hole library ...

#2 Post by Alex » 17 Aug 2020, 08:38

You can use search function and it will report the list of components according to your request. Then you can browse components in the list and there may be SMD and TH versions of the same components from different manufacturers. Select the one that is the best for you.

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