Linear Systems library

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Linear Systems library

#1 Post by carlmart » 06 Apr 2020, 09:07

Does anyone have Linear Systems active devices library to share?

I need to use a dual-FET on some of my projects, and I can't find any anywhere.

What about KSA and KSC TO-92 transistors, made by Fairchild/ON? They are not on the lists that I have.

Any place to update these libraries from? Or will I have to design my own parts?

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Re: Linear Systems library

#2 Post by Alex » 25 Nov 2020, 03:39

If you know component part number you can use filter function to search in libraries. If there is no needed component in standard libraries you can create custom component in your own library. Just copy generic transistor symbol from standard to custom library, rename the copy, attach appropriate pattern (for example TO-92 is available in standard libraries) and make sure pin-to-pad links are correct. The component is ready.

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