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Diode circuit

Posted: 08 Apr 2021, 22:31
by Martin_Smith
When there is a positive voltage between the input and the output voltage, the transportation of the MOSFET is turned on, as follows:
Vgate = VOUT- (R2 / R1) (VIN-VOUT)
Among them, the vgate of the Schottky diode circuit is the gate drive voltage of the MOSFET, and Vin is an input voltage, and Vout is an output voltage. The input and output voltage can be converted to the MOSFET's drain voltage and gate source voltage, as follows:
VDS = VIN-VOUT, and VGS = Vgate-Vout
Wherein, Vds is a leak voltage, VGS is a gate source voltage. Combining these styles to obtain a function of the MOSFET gate drive voltage is a drain supply voltage:
VGS = - (R2 / R1) VDS