Taguchi gas sensor arrays for electronic noses

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Taguchi gas sensor arrays for electronic noses

#1 Post by maskau » 22 Sep 2017, 08:30

An electronic nose basically consists of an array of gas sensors and some electronics to perform sensor excitation, signal conditioning etc. Since 2014 I have developed different sensor arrays for one of the more popular gas sensor types, the tin dioxide (SnO2) or Taguchi type that is readily available from eBay, Amazon etc.

The whole project story is available here: http://www.maskau.dk/projects/electronic-nose.

I am currently creating libraries for both DipTrace Schematic and DipTrace PCB containing different sensor array sizes as well as other essential pieces of hardware. In that way, a complete electronic nose system can be designed in less than an hour by anyone new to the field and with basic skills in circuit board design.

DipTrace schematics and PCB design files are available online at:

8 ch rectangular array: http://www.maskau.dk/embedded/0x00
16 ch rectangular array: http://www.maskau.dk/embedded/0x03
8 ch round array: http://www.maskau.dk/embedded/0x0F

Feedback on current designs and suggestions for sensor excitation circuitry is very much appreciated. I also gladly consider requests for collaboration. Being a chemical engineer I very much enjoy the steep learning curve in the DipTrace products also when it comes to design of components not included in the standard libraries.

Michael Madsen

Inserted image:
Example of an 8 ch round DN100 sensor array with embedded pneumatic snap-connectors. The circuit board fits directly on top of a metal canister effectively turning the whole thing into a flowcell. A Raspberry Pi interface board is connected via the IDC20 and contains the hardware needed to perform sensor excitation, signal conditioning, analogue-to-digital conversion, switchmode power supply etc. A BMP280 module connects on the 6 pin header providing environmental parameters (temperature, pressure, relative humidity) from inside the sampling cell/flowcell.


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Re: Taguchi gas sensor arrays for electronic noses

#2 Post by baudi2 » 15 Mar 2018, 16:52

Hi Maskau, I would be interested in buying one of yours smell detectors, how can I contact you directly?

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Re: Taguchi gas sensor arrays for electronic noses

#3 Post by windrob73 » 29 Jan 2019, 03:38

maskau.dk site does not work...i wolud like to implement your project, would you please share some resouces?

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