Have you use the chip--AD812 ?

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Have you use the chip--AD812 ?

#1 Post by ling1995 » 21 Mar 2017, 05:17

Currently I am doing an electronic project.However my professional knowledge is limited cause I’m just an electronic enthusiast.So I came here.
Please look at the following picture,I amplify the square wave (the PWM wave from TMS320F28335)of 1MHz which voltage is 0-3.3v by using AD812.(there is the AD812's datasheet) The wave is similar to sinusoidal wave after amplifying.However it’s normal when in the simulation.Who can tell me which reason lead to such problems? The following picture is the wave when AD812 inputted. And one is the outputted wave while the another is simulated wave.The last picture is my circuit.
PS: Is the troubles caused by the AD812 ? Or the circuit is wrong ? I also linked the datasheet of AD812 in the topic,please have a look if needed.
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This is the picture of my circuit.
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