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One PCB maufactuer that I found in Super Aug.

Posted: 12 Aug 2020, 03:21
by james2312

This is James, these days I found a super nice manufacturer.
Last week, I have a idea about the I would like to build a brushless motor controller identical to the MIT Cheetah controller.
And here are some components STM32F446RE, DRV8323RS, MA700GQ-Z, TPH2R506PL, L1Q.
Cause the Covid-19, some electronic market has been closed for a few months.
But I really need the components to build the project.
Then I open the Google, In my mind, I wanna find a company which one can do the whole PCB assembly service and scouring components service.
Luckily, I found a manufacturer, they can satisfy all of my ideas.
Their customer service was excellent, a girl named Caroline she really helped me.
Cause I design this project too late, and I am also a newbie in PCB design.
I forget to design a slick screen layer.
Then Caroline contact me, she told me my design without the slick screen, I double-check with my friend Bob and sent them a new file.
Now everything is ok, my PCB assembly order is now fabrication.
Thanks for the nice PCB manufacturer and wonderful customer service.👍👍👍
If you also wanna have a try, these days they have a super August activity click here to read more.
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