riveting set for PCB vias

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riveting set for PCB vias

#1 Post by protezoid » 05 Dec 2018, 02:48

I have been trying to figure out the via component. There are some available on Ebay, Aliexpress and some are copper, others say it's copper but the yellow tint of brass just pops out as just not copper. I've read some problematic comments about contact oxidation that could happen overtime, thermal stress that cause movements and bad contact and the difficulty of fixing those etc... Still adding vias for jumper wire in Diptrace is an easy option but just adding a good via without manually placing a wire would be a time saver.
Finding tools to place variable sizes of vias on pcbs is a bit difficult. I have not found anything besides this guy who sells a $200 + kit ! My god, that's expensive. Link below:


Anyone using vias with tools to install them? Does it work well?
If so a link would be appreciated :)


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Re: riveting set for PCB vias

#2 Post by KevinA » 05 Dec 2018, 15:30

The last set of PCB's I ordered arrived 6 days later with stencil on DHL from China for $42 USD, most of that was shipping, I could have used the postal system and saved $20 but then a 3~4 week wait. My time was spent designing, finding parts and assembling instead of trying to build a PCB which I do have the tools to print direct to PCB and etch but drilling the board and adding vias' was too much money and time (platting thru-holes is an 'art', platting via thru-holes is black magic). I tried the 'Build PCB' route to keep the design local then found out if you create something that has a market they will just reverse engineer it, even using epoxy to 'pod' the PCB for a black box doesn't work, X-rays.
If your building boards for fun, you really need to get a new hobby, fishing or ditch digging...
The challenge would be a signal sided board with all surface mount, no holes needed.

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