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Re: PCB Layout

#11 Post by Tomg » 14 Feb 2020, 16:16

Thank you for your kind words, Andre, but I am by no means a DipTrace expert; just a hobbyist. Don't worry about wearing out your welcome. Most people that frequent this board are always more than happy to help where possible.

As far as traces not going where you want them to, it sounds like you need to change the grid spacing to a finer pitch in order to be able to attain a more exacting placement. Think of changing grid sizes as just another part of laying out a PCB. Always have a set of popular grid sizes ready to use by creating a table of custom grid choices. Quick grid size changes will be at your fingertips with the right hotkey combinations. See this related thread for more detail - viewtopic.php?f=3&t=13239.

In the PCB Layout editor you can customize the color of a net by right-clicking on one of its traces, choosing "Trace Color" in the pop-up menu and selecting "Custom" in the slide-out menu to bring up the color selection chart. This will allow you to give the net's trace(s) a color that is different from the layer color. To return the trace's color to the layer color, choose "By Layers" in that same slide-out menu, instead.

Hope this helps.

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