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#1 Post by clivecad » 14 May 2018, 22:09

Hi all at Diptrace dot com.
Retired maintenance electrician / technician with advanced electronics formal training.
For most of my teen>adult life, electronics has been my favorite hobby, followed by photography, art and music production.
Having always used MSPaint to manually design PCB's and unregistered Circuit Wizard to create / screen-grab PC window-sized schematics, Diptrace is a huge step-up.
In earlier years (Win 3.1 / DOS), I used a lo-res free 100-200 node version of Quickroute Lite, with obvious CGA limited resolution.
As a new user of Diptrace, I have already found it to be a fantastic platform for creating good schematics and pee see bees.
By referring to the PDF manual, Diptrace is quite easy to pick up various functions / procedures, compared to the steep learning curve of some CAD/EDA competitors.
No doubt, as learning / practicing progresses, there will be some stumbling blocks, as well as 'aha' moments.
My other two electronic-based programs are Profilab Expert, a mostly digital simulator, and LTSpice, a discrete / digital simulator.
For the more complex circuits I shelved due to the complex PCB layout, I can now create them (hopefully) easily.
These include a video manipulator, MIDI keyboard various RF projects.....
Currently, my PCB's are done with rub-down pad/track transfers and Dalo-pen on copper-clad etched in Ferric Chloride tray.
Reasonable home-based results but never look truly 'professional'.
Now that I have Diptrace, our local PCB service will be getting files from me.
.... That is, until I build / buy my own UV setup. :D :D :D


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