Help needed with a PIC32 USB STARTER KIT 2 problem please

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Help needed with a PIC32 USB STARTER KIT 2 problem please

#1 Post by Elijah_C » 13 Apr 2018, 05:14

Hi, ;)

I'm new here.

I have run into problems with the USB Starter Kit II which I got from, once again! :evil:

I received a replacement USB Starter Kit II board earlier this week to replace the one I received back in Dec. that I guess didn't have the firmware installed on the debug/programming PIC and would not connect to my PC via USB. The PC wouldn't even show that was plugged into the USB

I downloaded and installed the V2.0 starter kit software. (after completely removing an earlier version) Plugged the new board into the USB and installed the USB drivers successfully - Debug LED was flashing too so it looked like this one is working. I was happy at this point because the PC recognized the board and was more than the first board did, getting somewhere now.

I then opened MPLab and proceeded to run the tutorial. As soon as I selected "PIC32 Starter Kit" from the Debugger->Select Tool drop down, I got a warning in red saying "Warning: Please wait, updating firmware" or something like that. I was thinking, OK, must just be updating firmware to the latest spec.

Then all of a sudden, MPLab gave me a warning "MPLab PIC32 Starter Kit Warning/Error" - Could not open the target device. Tried to select the starter kit as the debugger again to get the same thing. Also noticed that the USB connection had dropped off my PC.

So, I was thinking that maybe the board needed power cycling so I removed and reconnected the USB and now the board comes up as "Unknown Device" under "USB Device Not Recognized" I then tried to manually install the same driver (mp32mxsf) with no luck. No Debug LED blinking or even lighting up.

Any suggestions what to do now? I have put this project on hold for a month now already waiting for replacement hardware and not exactly enthused that I'm now in the same spot I was a month ago.

I'm on XP Pro 2002, SP3. I keep this machine on XP specifically so I don't run into issues (drivers or otherwise) with Vista/Vista64/7. (I am also not particularly a fan of the amount of resources the newer Windoze versions take up)

Had no issues installing the USB drivers initially with the USB SB II and V2.0 software, ran into problems once I tried to connect to it though MPLab. MPLab automatically tried some type of firmware update that wasn't successful and that's when the board came up as an "unknown" USB device.

Anybody could help me with that?
Many thanks.

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