A couple of requests

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A couple of requests

#1 Post by jom » 29 Mar 2012, 16:53


After working through a design for the first time with DT I thought I'd ask to see if there were plans to upgrade the software in a couple of areas.

1) Configurable hot keys: would be a great addition. I would love to use a key to Update a copper fill or Route Manual or Edit traces etc. Back in the day when I used Cadence design the left hand for keys and right hand for the mouse was a big time saver. Having to go to the menu all of the time is a pain. :D
2) Under Component Properties in the Layout the view only has 800%...maybe you can make a choice of 1200% here. Same goes with the schematic under Component Properties/Attached Pattern where you only get 400%. It is very hard to see SMT components in those areas.
3) Some better way to select a copper pour instead of just the edge. I'm not sure what a solution could be OR if I'm missing something here. It is difficult to have to select the edge.
4) This one is more challenging. There should be some better way in handing the libraries. It is probably my inexperience with the software but it is a bit of a round-a-bout in trying to update a component. Generally, it's best to use the schematic and the component editor to "control" the design but because the parts get stored and carried along with the schematic and layout there is something of a detachment here. I'm not sure if there is an improvement to be had here but maybe a better write-up in the manual suggesting a "generic" way to handle this.

Thanks for the great software!


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Re: A couple of requests

#2 Post by Serg » 15 Oct 2019, 07:35

1 already done, 2-4 thank you for requesting, we will consider them.

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