Dimensions improvement

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Dimensions improvement

#1 Post by atomitech » 06 Sep 2019, 06:08

1. Allow user to move the position of dimension text (perhaps F10?). Why? Because often the dims go in the wrong place and cover other elements. (If this is too complex to code, then maybe allow the dims text to be adjusted from left to right of the dimensions line. I think they always appear to the right at the moment, in the cases then the text doesn't fit in center position).

2. Include the option to have dual dimensions. Example: 40mm (1.5748 in) Ie. millimeters followed by inches in brackets. Ideally user should be able to choose the units order.

3. Enable "define angle" for vector text items. This is a more general feature, but in terms of dimensions would allow user to add a second dims manually for 45-degree angled dims (as a workaround to the above)

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