Component-wise RefDes (font) (re)sizing

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Component-wise RefDes (font) (re)sizing

#1 Post by Abbas_BrainAlive » 18 Dec 2018, 10:47

Greetings, All!

One of the fundamental features that Diptrace still lacks is the ability to resize individual markings (RefDes, Name, Value, etc. whatever is made visible on the PCB). Currently, Diptrace allows resizing the markings on a global (PCB) level, which makes things cumbersome every now and then, especially when the PCBs are getting smaller and complex by every passing day. There must be freedom to resize the markings of individual components. Even if a single component has more then one marking visible on the board, Diptrace must allow the designer(s) to resize individual marking just as it allows to relocate the individual marking.

Looking forward to a positive response.

With thanks and best regards,

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