Design Cache Bloats File Sizes

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Design Cache Bloats File Sizes

#1 Post by dippy » 24 May 2018, 11:28

I noticed a relative small design had a relatively large Schematic & PCB file size. After looking into it, I found the main cause was the Design Cache. This can be cleared using Menu > Library > Clear Design Cache. However, this is not obvious to the average issue. Because the easiest way to preserve custom settings is to start a new design by copying an old design, I have been inadvertently making new files with large remnants of old designs. I've been using DipTrace for over 2 years.

A way to address this could be:
1) Make an option to clear the Design Cache on file save (probably not the best option)
2) In Menu > File > Schematic/Layout Information, include a line for number of unused items in the design cache. This improves visibility.
3) If the Design Cache exceeds a threshold (eg more unused items than used items), prompt to clear the cache on file save.
4) Other options... ?

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