Feature Request: Printing drill marks

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Feature Request: Printing drill marks

#1 Post by przemyslaw.barski » 26 Jul 2017, 10:45

Hi everyone!

Just bought DipTrace Lite after testing freeware version for couple of months. I love this program, but there's one feature missing, that is really important for prototyping - option to print only small mark on each pad hole. For now one can only print all holes in real size or omit all holes completely. What I want is to print all holes (including oval ones) with, lets say, 15 mil diameter, so drill bit wll always slip to the center when drilling manually. This is essential for precise drilling, and in fact I have to change all hole sizes before printing to do it right. Please release me from this boring job! Thank you in advance,


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Re: Feature Request: Printing drill marks

#2 Post by Wawrzo » 06 Mar 2018, 07:15

the option is most useful. Can you count on something like that?

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