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Scripting language

#1 Post by grimepoch » 24 Feb 2017, 02:59

I know that you all have been asked this question before, I see it 4 years ago, and I know you started a system and abandoned it at the time.

I understand you think this is for professionals only, but I have to be honest, the beauty in a scripting language is not just what a person can write themselves, but also being able to get code from other people to help with design and/or workarounds.

I'm not sure what your mechanism is for implementing this, but might I suggest an incremental system that allows you to add scripting features as you continue to develop your codebase. That way, along with feedback, you start to build up an entire system.

First, I'd be curious to know what languages you have looked at. I would personally prefer Python or Lua, but would settle even for TCL at this point. I'd rather not have Visual Basic, especially given the overhead, but, it is something people use.

Second, let me explain where the uses I want are going to be most beneficial to me.

When I am doing PCB layout, I'd love to procedurally determine where parts go. I'd love to be able to query parts by reference name, get some properties from them, do some simple math, use those properties on other instance.

Board side
Placement Location
Look at attributes

Would also be nice to at least be able to look at:
Center location of Pins

Maybe some net tracing just to find pins and/or parts.

Would also be nice to copy routes/vias to start with, even if you can't create new ones from scratch (I understand the complexities there).

This would allow me a lot of freedom in PCB layout.

The second thing this would facilitate is PnP machine custom file formats that we can create ourselves and/or even selective solder masks if you allow us to grab things like pad shapes normalized to their actual placed locations.

I'm going to be honest here, I really love dip trace and have used it for quite a few years, but these limitations are making me want to look for something else to give me a bit more freedom. I have successfully parsed the ASCII file version of a design and build solder masks and PnP files from that, however, it's really clunky and often I find certain things are hard to understand since I am having to hack a format that is not described.

In any case, thanks for listening :)


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Re: Scripting language

#2 Post by grimepoch » 15 Mar 2018, 11:09

Just checking back in, wondering if there has been any work on a scripting language? I'd love to beta test some functionality.

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Re: Scripting language

#3 Post by brandon44 » 15 Mar 2018, 12:15

Yeah you can try with best testing functionality.

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