Need to Remove Single Ratline

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Need to Remove Single Ratline

#1 Post by kjhuebner » 07 May 2015, 14:37

I need an easy way to remove a single misplaced ratline (from a pad) without altering other ratlines and traces connected to same pad.

Currently, when I right click on pad and select in menu...

"Delete net" removes many other traces.

"Remove from net" causes an extra ratline to re-appear somewhere else.

So there appears to be no easy solutions, other than ripping and tearing many things apart and rebuilding.

Other users are complaining about the same issue.


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Re: Need to Remove Single Ratline

#2 Post by Alex » 08 May 2015, 07:52

You can use "Remove from net" tool and if it removes more than one ratline, you can add ratlines that should stay.

Another way is the following. You can move the component away from board, press F12 to optimize ratlines. You will see each pad of the component has no more than one ratline. Now you can use "Remove from net" and it will delete one ratline ony.

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Re: Need to Remove Single Ratline

#3 Post by bobcruz » 04 Jul 2019, 19:51

Alex's suggestions may work in some (perhaps even most) circumstances, but the problems are (a) it doesn't always work, and (b) the idea of deleting and reconstructing a network to get rid of one line is a huge amount of unnecessary work!

Another use case to consider is that of a ratline placed in error between two pads/vias. If those pads/vias are connected to many other nodes, Alex's solutions are awkward at best.

Please give us the same capability to select and delete ratlines that we have for segments/traces/nets. This is a basic function that occurs frequently, and deserves to be supported as a *direct* editing operation, rather than a roundabout, lengthy work-around.


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