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by farley
07 Feb 2018, 01:03
Forum: DipTrace PCB Layout
Topic: Removing unnecessary "Ratlines"
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Re: Removing unnecessary "Ratlines"

You might start by pushing the F12 key to clean up and optimize the ratlines. If you still see ratlines that appear to be redundant it could be that you have a trace that is near enough to a connection point that it appears to be connected but actually it isn't. Running a DRC on your layout may help...
by farley
26 Jan 2018, 20:10
Forum: DipTrace PCB Layout
Topic: Troubles with accurate manual routing
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Re: Troubles with accurate manual routing

I've run into this issue several times. What I would like to see is a setting on traces to force them to either be horizontal (along X) or vertical (along Y).
See ... =4&t=11308 for a work around concerning wide traces overlapping pads.
by farley
28 Dec 2017, 14:57
Forum: Making Libraries in DipTrace
Topic: Is it there Teensy Component in Library?
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Re: Is it there Teensy Component in Library?

Create the component and pattern in DipTrace.
A 3D model can be downloaded from Grabcad:
by farley
25 Aug 2017, 18:55
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: Place Picture reversed and upside down
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Re: Place Picture reversed and upside down

I downloaded your image and placed it into a schematic. It looked as expected (not reversed). The only way I found to reverse it was to select properties and switch the X values for the corners. That gave me a reverse reading image like the one in your post. I'm not sure why you're seeing it reverse...
by farley
11 Aug 2017, 14:42
Forum: DipTrace Schematic Capture
Topic: Schematic print in PDF - searching for RefDes
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Re: Schematic print in PDF - searching for RefDes

I think you need to use a TrueType font to get this to work. I use the Consolas font in schematics. I tried searching a PDF of one of my schematics and it does find the reference designators (they are highlighted with a gray rectangle). Although it's good practice to use the Vector font for PCB Layo...
by farley
08 Aug 2017, 20:42
Forum: Basic Schematic and PCB Design
Topic: Can't print added text?
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Re: Can't print added text?

If the text color is set to "White" I've found that it doesn't display in print preview. Setting the text color to "Black" (or almost any other color) will correct the issue. To change the text color: - Right click on the text - Select "Font..." from the context menu - In the drop down field under "...
by farley
08 Jul 2017, 06:08
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: Export PNG from 3D render screen
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Re: Export PNG from 3D render screen

A quick .png export of top and bottom (sans components) would be helpful. Here's a previous thread discussing ways of doing this now: The method I use that I outlined in that thread is actually quick and painless. Previously I've requested that ...
by farley
04 Jun 2017, 09:49
Forum: DipTrace News and Events
Topic: DipTrace 3.1 release
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Re: DipTrace 3.1 release

1. On my 4k monitor the icons are tiny when using the 64-bit version (DipTrace 3.1). I have not discovered a way to change their size. 2. I only use components and patterns I create myself so I don't have the DipTrace 3D models installed. However . . . a. If the .wrl models are in their own director...
by farley
25 Apr 2017, 13:44
Forum: DipTrace PCB Layout
Topic: EXISTING Trace movement
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Re: EXISTING Trace movement

When you disconnect the component and move it out of the way you should see a small square at the connection end of each trace. If you select the small square (hold down the left mouse button when the cursor is over the square) then you should be able to move that endpoint in any direction. If you s...
by farley
27 Mar 2017, 09:51
Forum: Other questions and issues
Topic: Pads: position when moving
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Re: Pads: position when moving

Also: Is there a way to let pads 'snap' into the grid? If I position a number of pads 'free-hand', you cannot get them to align neatly (they all have a slightly different offset) You then have to open all properties to adjust the position. Lot of work... Right click on the pad and select "Snap to G...