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by farley
29 Dec 2022, 09:52
Forum: Making Libraries in DipTrace
Topic: Components and Libraries Confusing
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Re: Components and Libraries Confusing

Searching "managing libraries in diptrace" in Google returns this link as the first result:
That should get you started.
by farley
12 Dec 2022, 16:32
Forum: DipTrace PCB Layout
Topic: NPT holes missing copper
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Re: NPT holes missing copper

I think they are saying that if there is copper around the hole on either side of the substrate then the hole will get plated. They remove the .25mm ring of copper so that doesn't happen. Is there a specific reason that the holes need to be non-plated? I have created PCBs with thru-hole components t...
by farley
17 Nov 2022, 14:21
Forum: DipTrace Schematic Capture
Topic: Shortcuts to the most frequently used components
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Re: Shortcuts to the most frequently used components

I don't know of a way to assign a hot key to a specific component. What I did is create a custom component library of my most used power, common, return, etc. symbols. I did the same for test points and net ports. One click to select the library and one more click to select the symbol. When I start ...
by farley
12 Nov 2022, 19:12
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: pcb thinkness in 3D
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Re: pcb thinkness in 3D

My installation of works as expected.
Are you clicking the redraw button after changing the thickness?
by farley
27 Sep 2022, 12:12
Forum: DipTrace PCB Layout
Topic: RS-274x
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Re: RS-274x

RS-274X is the current Gerber format:

In the Diptrace PCB Layout editor:
by farley
02 Sep 2022, 17:25
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: 4K display problem
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Re: 4K display problem

Why I decided to test this on a Friday afternoon is beyond me. Expanding the design manager in PCB Layout all the way to the left does indeed leave one with no clear method to reset it. Uninstalling and then reinstalling DipTrace did not fix the issue. What I finally did was to uninstall DipTrace an...
by farley
05 Aug 2022, 17:02
Forum: DipTrace Schematic Capture
Topic: Linking schematic to predefined board size.
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Re: Linking schematic to predefined board size.

In the PCB Layout program, with your PCB outline visible, select File->Renew Layout From Schematic->By Components...
Select the schematic and click "Open" in the file dialog.

That should import all of your parts to your layout. Next, arrange the components inside the outline.
by farley
30 Apr 2022, 08:08
Forum: DipTrace PCB Layout
Topic: Origin Symbol becoming Detached
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Re: Origin Symbol becoming Detached

If you haven't already, you might double check the pattern in the pattern editor and confirm that the origin cross-hairs are positioned in the center of the component.
by farley
04 Apr 2022, 14:20
Forum: DipTrace PCB Layout
Topic: Stacked boards interconnection
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Re: Stacked boards interconnection

The last time I was faced with this issue I believe that I created a custom component for one side of the mating pair and numbered the pins to match the other connector. I'm not aware of a cleaner way to do it.
by farley
07 Jan 2022, 13:19
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: PDF Generation with selectable text
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Re: PDF Generation with selectable text

The PDF text is selectable and searchable if TrueType fonts are used.

A previous thread on the topic:
viewtopic.php?f=8&t=14016&p=30450&hilit ... ble#p30450

and here: