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by auto-mation-assist
05 Apr 2021, 12:36
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: Drill file missing holes
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Drill file missing holes

I got a board back that had all via's through drilled with no plating that were supposed to just go from top to the power layer 3 making the board useless. This made me look into the generated drill files and led me to believe that the drill files were not the cause of this problem. But I did notice...
by auto-mation-assist
16 Mar 2021, 19:59
Forum: Other questions and issues
Topic: Problem with compoment name changing and value missing
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Problem with compoment name changing and value missing

I have been self training on Diptrace and having some issues with errors being generated in my library files. I use the a library as a regular file with library name being the same as the component it contains. Thus each component has its own file with the .eli extension. So the .eli file name being...