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by ken.howard
05 Oct 2022, 23:27
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: unusual trace editing behavior
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Re: unusual trace editing behavior

Possibly related to the above report. DipTrace, PCB Layout, Manual 45º/90º routing selected. Place a static via close to a pad and route a trace to it like this: Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 13.52.16.png Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 13.52.37.png If I now left click on the trace it gets changed to ...
by ken.howard
03 Apr 2021, 20:25
Forum: DipTrace Schematic Capture
Topic: 45 degree wires in schematic?
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Re: 45 degree wires in schematic?

I’d like to see this too, I do a lot of design with inductors and transformers, and sometimes you need to show a crossover this way to make it clear what’s actually going on. It would also be nice to be able to rotate components similarly, eg to clearly show topologies like diode bridge -v- diode ring
by ken.howard
03 Apr 2021, 20:16
Forum: DipTrace Schematic Capture
Topic: Component with internal net
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Component with internal net

I have an unusual requirement for a component with an internal net. It’s a 12-pole rotary switch with 3 identical sections which I can place anywhere on the schematic as (for example) SW1-1, SW1-2 and SW1-3. The rotary contact of each section is actually common and doesn’t come out to a pin, but I w...