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by glandaburu
14 Apr 2020, 16:36
Forum: DipTrace PCB Layout
Topic: Dealing with multiple identical audio channels
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Re: Dealing with multiple identical audio channels

I am sorry but I believe the underlying question is not solved yet, how could we re-use placement and even the routes several times (provided that they are instances of the same hierarchical block)?
by glandaburu
14 Apr 2020, 08:59
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: Design Rule Templates
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Re: Design Rule Templates

Today, almost all PCB manufacturers have same or similar manufacturing constraints defined by pcb classes.

It would be worth having a set of predefined (i.e. de-facto standardised) pcb-classes from which to choose.
by glandaburu
10 Apr 2020, 15:12
Forum: DipTrace Schematic Capture
Topic: Size of hierarchy connector
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Re: Size of hierarchy connector

We are 2020!! Not yet???

Is it really so difficult?
by glandaburu
04 Apr 2020, 06:25
Forum: Making Libraries in DipTrace
Topic: PQFN5x6 pattern
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PQFN5x6 pattern