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by MerissaTarrenis
04 Nov 2019, 04:30
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Topic: a free offer
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Re: a free offer

How much I can save with coupon code if I go with reflow oven? What about shipment?
by MerissaTarrenis
02 Nov 2019, 09:26
Forum: PCB Manufacturing Questions
Topic: Affordable pcb manufacturer
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Re: Affordable pcb manufacturer

I found PCB products of JLCPCB very cheap as compared to other manufacturers. But, I prefer to get PCB products from US distributor and found NeodenUSA as a good distributor in this regard. Many cheap manufacturers are also available at AliExpress and Amazon but be careful with the false and project...
by MerissaTarrenis
02 Nov 2019, 09:21
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Topic: Self-introduction
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Re: Self-introduction

Hi, though, I am also new here but welcome at the forum. I love to soldering boards.