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by Joeyer
28 Feb 2020, 04:31
Forum: DipTrace PCB Layout
Topic: Where is the best place made to PCB board?
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Re: Where is the best place made to PCB board?

I have had several PCBs made by ALLPCB in China, and plan to take it as my future PCB manufacturer. If you need high quality and superior service, ALLPCB advance PCB is your best choice. I am 200% satisfied with ALLPCB servicing and PCB quality. Highly recommend!
by Joeyer
14 Feb 2020, 06:46
Forum: PCB Manufacturing Questions
Topic: how is the PCB factory in China
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how is the PCB factory in China

I wonder what challenges and delays we will experience affected by the epidemic in China. When will PCB factory produce as usual? Will it continue to be postponed? Also, when will it be delivered?
by Joeyer
03 Sep 2019, 04:43
Forum: Basic Schematic and PCB Design
Topic: Electronic Components--Resistor
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Electronic Components--Resistor

For engineers in the electronics industry, electronic components are the basic element. There are several types of components, in this artical,I would like to share some basic knowledge about resistors. Resistor is the most frequently used in all electronic circuits. Resistor is called a resistive m...