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by pcbgogo_dph
30 Oct 2018, 02:20
Forum: PCB Manufacturing Questions
Topic: How to repair/replace PCB soldering plate
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How to repair/replace PCB soldering plate

Hello. I'm trying to replace a SD card reader on this board and I have 4-5 missing soldering plates that need to be repaired. I am very new to this so I'm sorry for any poor terminology as I only have very basic soldering skills. I was wondering if anybody had any advice on how to go about putting n...
by pcbgogo_dph
24 Oct 2018, 02:23
Forum: Basic Schematic and PCB Design
Topic: 2 layers PCB review
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2 layers PCB review

This is my first design, I'm a self learner. I chose KiCAD as my EDA because it is open source. I have made a working prototype on a breadboard and I would like to get a PCB for this simple circuit. I'm using a Blue Pill (STM32) as my MCU. The goal is to control a stepper motor using a DRV8825 drive...
by pcbgogo_dph
18 Oct 2018, 03:05
Forum: Off-topic
Topic: My recent experience with JLCPCB
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My recent experience with JLCPCB

Just wanted to share my (frustrating) experience of late. I've been using JLCPCB for sometime now, usually for rapid prototype PCBs I've made 13 orders with them. Most being 4-layer boards. Of those, 12 have been just fine, but my latest experience has pretty much meant I'm not going to use them aga...
by pcbgogo_dph
11 Oct 2018, 21:43
Forum: PCB Manufacturing Questions
Topic: 10 PCB Service Company From China
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10 PCB Service Company From China

Lots of our customers want us to recommend a good PCB service company for them from China. It’s not hard for us to recommend 10 or 20. PCB company contain PCB prototype service, PCB Assembly service, PCB Manufacturing service and more. I will recommend 10 PCB Service Websites From China. You can cho...
by pcbgogo_dph
09 Oct 2018, 22:25
Forum: Basic Schematic and PCB Design
Topic: Beginner PCB design for LED clock
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Beginner PCB design for LED clock

Hi everyone, I'm designing an LED clock using an Arduino, 74HC595s for the control, and ULN2803s for grounding the LEDs. I've got everything working on a breadboard, designed on a schematic and a first version laid out on a pcb in Eagle. I've never designed a pcb before,Usually, PCBGOGO helps me com...
by pcbgogo_dph
26 Sep 2018, 04:10
Forum: Off-topic
Topic: a free offer
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Re: a free offer

mtsoule wrote:
25 Sep 2018, 14:45
Just checked out your website. good prices and able to get with stencil. may have to check it out on a proto to test quality
Of course, but I think you can sign up for an account and get a $20 coupon for free.
by pcbgogo_dph
21 Sep 2018, 02:53
Forum: Basic Schematic and PCB Design
Topic: Famicom Mods
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Re: Famicom Mods

Ohgami wrote:
20 Sep 2018, 12:24
I would like to inquire about using this board. Who would I have to contact?
Hello Ohgami,

I sent you a private message in the forum, please pay attention to view.In addition, you can contact me by email. My email
by pcbgogo_dph
19 Sep 2018, 06:01
Forum: Basic Schematic and PCB Design
Topic: Review my PCB
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Review my PCB

Hi guys, I just started on PCB's design, I made my first one for my robotics group to make wiring easier and help control a lil robot, it worked, but some problems came in, like when digital sensors are high, I cant read analog sensors, I think it may be due to the lack of a ground plane maybe? I al...
by pcbgogo_dph
13 Sep 2018, 21:39
Forum: Basic Schematic and PCB Design
Topic: Custom design
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Re: Custom design

I was wondering, whether you are providing any worth information or looking for any answers.. Hello,If you have any relevant requirements for the PCB, you can find PCBGOGO , from design to patch to production, to meet all your requirements.They are doing some activities,send free coupons, a PCB boa...
by pcbgogo_dph
12 Sep 2018, 21:39
Forum: PCB Manufacturing Questions
Topic: Manufacturers send benefits
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Manufacturers send benefits

Hello,everyone.I'm Mike from PCBGOGO . We are mainly engaged in PCB prototyping and assembly manufacturing services for more than 10 years.Now in order to attract new customers, you can get a $20 coupon for free by signing up for an account on our website.In other words, you only need to spend 5 dol...