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by Betty19
18 Nov 2016, 03:25
Forum: Shared 3D models
Topic: Why Imported 3D Models are always white?
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Why Imported 3D Models are always white?

Every time I try to create a footprint and embed an .stl file of the actual mechanical CAD of the part, the color information seems to get lost. When I select the footprint in the .PcbLib file, under Display >> 3D Color I do see the color that I want but the model still shows up glaring white. I can...
by Betty19
03 Nov 2016, 03:18
Forum: Shared Projects and Ideas
Topic: Automatic changeover circuit
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Automatic changeover circuit

The circuit diagram shown here is of a automatic changeover switch using IC LTC4412 from Linear Technologies. This circuit can be used for the automatic switchover of a load between a battery and a wall adapter.LTC4412 controls an external P-channel MOSFET to create a near ideal diode function for p...
by Betty19
21 Oct 2016, 04:24
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Topic: Hey every one
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Re: Hey every one